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Re: Re: C++ PATCH: PR 20599 (1/3)

On 9/15/06, Paolo Carlini <> wrote:
At the same time, I (still) believe we badly need a global strategy for
the C++0x features, for those features adding keywords,
incompatibilities, and all the others: as noticed by Richard G in
private conversation, probably the transition could be managed similarly
to that to C99, only I'm not sure about the current time frame, when
only a draft of C++0x exists

One way to approach it is to say that -std=c++0x is an evolving thing, containing experimental features that may not be available in future versions of GCC. Then when we figure out what 'x' is (probably '9'; Bjarne says we can't use hexadecimal), we add -std=c++09 with the features that actually made it in.

and, I would say, many of the most
anticipated features are not there yet.

True :(

Granted, there's a bit of low-hanging fruit we could pick, just to get
the gears turning. static_assert comes to mind...

What about adding something
about that process in the wiki section about gcc4.3 (by the way, I
noticed that variadic templates are already there, good)??

I'm all for it.


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