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Re: [patch] [struct-reorg] port to ssa - 47% on art on ppc

This patch is a follow-up after our discussion.

Fixes contain:

      - use of DECL_FUNCTION_CODE for allocation functions as Richard
      - removing support of MEM_REF as it was not replaced by something
else; no TARGET_MEM_REF any more, Dan.
      - freeing memory of xcalloc's all over the code; number of new
freeing functions has been added along with freeing on the way.
      - create_new_mallocs has been distributed into three functions.

When I traversed the code looking for xmalloc's to release, I get to
understanding that there are many other cleanups and
simplification can be made, on which I think to work now.


2006-09-15  Olga Golovanevsky  <>

      * flagf.h (flag_ipa_reorg_struct): Replace flag_reorg_struct.
      * cgraphunit.c: Remove direct call to struct-reorg hook.
      * opts.c (flag_ipa_reorg_structs): Replace flag_reorg_structs.
      * struct-reorg_cpg.c: Use vcg_dump instead of dump_file.
      * timevar.def (TV_IPA_REORG_STRUCTS): Replace TV_REORG_STRUCTS.
      * common.opt Add flag_ipa_reorg_structs flag.
      * passes.c Add pass_ipa_reorg_structs pass.
      * struct-reorg.h Add IPA_REORG_STRUCTS_H definition.
      Update function interfaces.
      * struct-reorg.c (vcg_dump): Use vcg_dump as global variable.
      (debug_mode): Global variable to trigger debug dumps.
      (new_global_vars): List of new global variables.
      (is_in_list_of_globals, is_in_list_of_locals,
      create_new_global_vars_for_func, search_lhs_for_struct_vars,
      find_orig_variable, find_struct_field, copy_struct_init,
      find_new_var_of_type, find_var_of_given_type,
      create_new_mallocs_for_func, add_to_global_vars_list,
      create_new_global_vars, do_reorg1): New functions.
      (debug_gimple, insert_into_var_list): Removed.
      (get_stmt_accessed_fields_1): Support SSA_NAME. Remove MEM_REF
      (EXECUTE_IF_SET_IN_SBITMAP): Use four arguments instead of tree.
      (make_new_vars_2): New function to create global variable.
      (make_new_vars_1): Create local variable.
      (replace_var_types): Work with ssa_name's.
      (create_new_vars): Renamed from create_new_var_decls.
      (collect_malloc_data): Identify mallocs here, not as part
      of building callgraph.
      (add_field_mallocs, create_cascading_mallocs): Use build2 instead
      of build.
      (create_new_mallocs): Deal with only one malloc. New parameter
      cur_malloc. Added generation of phi nodes. Updated for ssa form.
      (search_rhs_for_struct_vars): Remove stmt param. Add
      data_struct_list param. Add suport of SSA_NAME.
      (find_and_substitute_types_and_vars): New param rhs_vars. Support
      (recursively_copy_node, build_new_stmts): Remove rtl setting.
      (build_new_stmts): Support ssa form. Work for cfun.
      (find_new_var): Support pointer type.
      (update_struct_offset): Support ssa form. Replace
      multiplication/division operations by left/right shifts.
      (update_field_accesses): Support ssa form. Work for cfun.
      (collect_struct_use_data): New param c_node. Support ssa form.
      (replace_all_types_1): Support ssa form.
      (do_reorg): Use do_reorg1.
      (make_data_struct_node): Temporary comment out type escape
      analysis due their restrictiveness.
      (perform_escape_analysis): Use TYPE_UID macro. Temporary remove
      with indirect calls as not supported by callgraph.
      Remove outfile parameter. Use dump file.
      (remove_struct_from_data_struct_list): New function.
      (reorg_structs): Move whole_program flag check to optimization gate.
      (reorg_structs_drive): New optimization entry function.
      (struct_reorg_gate): New function. Optimization gate.
      (pass_ipa_reorg_structs): New optimization definition structure.
      (collect_malloc_data, create_new_mallocs,
      struct_passed_to_external_function, program_redefines_malloc_p):
      malloc functions by DECL_FUNCTION_CODE, not by strcmp.
      (print_new_types, create_and_assemble_new_types, replace_var_types,
      collect_malloc_data, collect_struct_use_data, remove_type_from_list,
      replace_old_field_types, reorder_fields, replace_all_types_1,
      Added freeing allocations.
      (free_new_vars, free_use_list, free_new_global_vars,
      free_data_structure_list, free_malloc_data): New functions to free
allocated data.
      (fix_test_of_malloc_result, create_new_malloc): Two new functions to
      create_new_mallocs function.

(See attached file: str_reorg.txt)

Attachment: str_reorg.txt
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