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Re: C++ PATCH: PR 20599 (1/3)

On 9/14/06, Richard Guenther <> wrote:
I think to get this into the 4.3 release (which will probably happen
before C++-0x happens) you need to add a standards variant that
is default-off, so the 0x features can be enabled by something like

I flip-flopped a couple of times before I decided on the behavior in the patch. Variadic templates are a pure extension (no changed behavior, no new keywords), so if you don't use them, they do no harm. Also, even if the user doesn't want to allow variadic templates, we might still decide to use them in our implementation of TR1.

So, I decided to make variadic templates always available. When
-pedantic or -Wvariadic-templates is supplied, we'll warn (or error,
if -pedantic-errors) that it's not ISO C++. This warning is suppressed
in system headers, so we can use it in our TR1 implementation. Of
course, -Wno-variadic-templates suppresses the warning even if
-pedantic is specified.

I imagine that -std=c++0x would just turn off this warning, and enable
other non-pure C++0x extensions (e.g., static_assert, which needs a
new keyword).

Also it would be nice to have this (and patches for rvalue references
and concepts) on a branch together with possibly pending library
work to give people an easier way to play with the new features.

This would be very nice. I've skimmed the rvalue references patch, but can't say at the moment whether it's ready. The concepts patch is still in its early stages of development, and I fear that it would do more harm than good to have it on a C++0x-specific branch. We continue to maintain the concepts patch (a.k.a. ConceptGCC) in a separate (but publically accessible) Subversion repository at:


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