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Re: C++ PATCH: PR 20599 (1/3)

On 9/14/06, Douglas Gregor <> wrote:
This patch addresses PR c++/20599 by introducing support for variadic

Several of the facilities in the C++ Library TR1 just can't be
implemented well without variadic templates. Our current
implementation uses some disgusting, barely-maintainable preprocessor
metaprogramming to give a poor approximation of these libraries.
Variadic templates will help us improve compile times, simplify the
code, and provide a more flexible TR1 implementation than any other
compiler can.

I think to get this into the 4.3 release (which will probably happen before C++-0x happens) you need to add a standards variant that is default-off, so the 0x features can be enabled by something like -std=c++-0x

Also it would be nice to have this (and patches for rvalue references
and concepts) on a branch together with possibly pending library
work to give people an easier way to play with the new features.

Thanks for all this work!

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