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[PATCH] PR libffi/23935: libffi headers installed in wrong directory.

This is not a regression, but Mark has indicated in the past that these types of installation problems should be fixed even at this late stage.

There are two changes here really:

1) ffi.h was moved from $(includedir) to $(libdir)/gcc/$(target_alias)/$(gcc_version)/include. This fixes the problem noted in the PR.

2) In order to be at all useful, ffitarget.h must be in the compiler's search path. It was in $(libdir)/gcc/$(target_alias)/$(gcc_version)/include/libffi, which does not meet that criterion. I moved it to the same place as ffi.h.

Regression tested on i686-pc-linux with no regressions (but installation problems tend not to be exercised by the testsuite)

I also tested building a couple of the libffi testsuite tests out of tree to confirm that the headers are properly found by gcc (and the are).

OK to commit?

2006-09-11 David Daney <>

	PR ffi/23935
	include/ Install both ffi.h and ffitarget.h in
	aclocal.m4: Regenerated for automake 1.9.6. Regenerated.
	include/ Regenerated.
	testsuite/ Regenerated.
Index: include/
--- include/	(revision 116759)
+++ include/	(working copy)
@@ -5,12 +5,8 @@
 DISTCLEANFILES=ffitarget.h ffi_common.h
-hack_DATA= ffi.h
 # Where generated headers like ffitarget.h get installed.
 gcc_version   := $(shell cat $(top_srcdir)/../gcc/BASE-VER)
-toollibffidir := $(libdir)/gcc/$(target_alias)/$(gcc_version)/include/libffi
+toollibffidir := $(libdir)/gcc/$(target_alias)/$(gcc_version)/include
-toollibffi_HEADERS = ffitarget.h
+toollibffi_HEADERS = ffi.h ffitarget.h

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