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Re: PATCH: Remove SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS from get_best_mode

On Sep 10, 2006, at 10:57 AM, H. J. Lu wrote:

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 11:52:51PM -0700, H. J. Lu wrote:

Why do we use SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS to control bit field access? Bit field
currently is implemented as unsigned int, at least for x86. Accessing
bit field as 32bit is always faster unless 4 byte accesses are
much faster one 32bit access, which is very unlikely will be true for
x86 in any circumstances. Is this a leftover from the old bit field

I don't understand why we use byte instruction to access 32bit field. There may be some hardwares where 4 byte accesses are faster than one 32bit access. But I am not aware any x86 one.

fwiw, I have an x86 manual from 1987, it describes byte and 32-bit accesses
as equally fast. I haven't kept track of every variant between then and now, though.

I tried this patch on
Prescott, Nocona, Core and Core 2. There are no regressions in gcc
testsuites nor negative performance impact on SPEC CPU 2K.

From the documentation, it certainly appears that 1 is the right setting for
SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS on, at least, all current x86 chips. The odd thing
is the Spec regressions you reported on Nocona. This probably means
we should look at the places where SLOW_BYTE_ACCESS is being used;
if it's being misused[*] that may affect other targets as well as x86.
You've evaluated the place in stor-layout.c and that's not the problem.
There are only 2 other places, both in dojump.c.

[*](Perhaps someone was misled by its name into thinking it means
"byte accesses are slower than word accesses", which it doesn't. Somebody
with more gcc experience than I already made that mistake. I'm planning a
patch to rename it to something more descriptive, but not in stage does

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