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Re: [PATCH/RFC] PR other/22313: Hot/cold sections vs. dwarf2 (take 2)

I propose to apply this patch to mainline [and the 4.1 branch] in a
few days, unless one of our debugging guru's can point out a flaw in
my interpretation of dwarf-2 specification that seems to imply that
advance_loc* can advance from either the previous advance_loc* or
set_loc.  [I'm also curious whether binutils/gcc can/should perform
advance_loc relaxation.  Currently we always emit advance_loc4, but
for small deltas we could reduce the size of debugging information
by using advance_loc1 and/or advance_loc2].

Thoughts? Ok for mainline and the 4.1 branch?

I guess that this patch is incomplete, in that it breaks printing in the debugger of variables allocated on the stack and for which the dwarf-2 location is calculated relatively to the frame base.

To exhibit the problem, consider the following code:

  typedef struct
     int a;
  } thing;

  int main (void)
    thing a;
    a.a = 7;
    return a.a;

Then try to break in "main" and print variable "a", you'll get the following message:
Could not find the frame base for "main".

Further analysis. When compiling the example above with the patch included, on x86-linux, the location expression for the frame base starts with this:

        .long   .LFB2-.Ltext0   # Location list begin address (*.LLST0)
        .long   .LFB2-.Ltext0   # Location list end address (*.LLST0)

The first location expression is a null address range, which is a list terminator in dwarf-2.

I suspect that the problem comes from the current implementation of convert_cfa_to_loc_list, which currently expects only DW_CFA_advance_loc statements in the CFI instructions; it should be enhanced to expect and handle the DW_CFA_set_loc statements as well. What do the experts think about this?

(If this problem is already known and/or fixed, I apologize for the noise.)


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