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Re: [patch] x86_64 darwin work

On 07/09/2006, at 8:45 PM, Eric Christopher wrote:

-  (!TARGET_64BIT && flag_pic && !HAVE_AS_GOTOFF_IN_DATA)
+  (flag_pic && ((TARGET_MACHO && TARGET_64BIT) \


@@ -48,13 +74,18 @@ Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA. */
%{g: %{!fno-eliminate-unused-debug-symbols: -feliminate-unused- debug-symbols }}"

 #undef ASM_SPEC
-#define ASM_SPEC "-arch i386 -force_cpusubtype_ALL"
+#define ASM_SPEC "%{m64: -arch x86_64 -force_cpusubtype_ALL} \
+                  %{!m64: -arch i386 -force_cpusubtype_ALL}"

This should use '-arch %(darwin_arch)' rather than replicating that logic. In fact, that's what %(darwin_arch) is for; look at the default in config/darwin.h.

+#define DARWIN_ARCH_SPEC "%{m64:x86_64;:i386}"
+#define DARWIN_SUBARCH_SPEC "                                   \
+  %{m64: x86_64}                                                \
+  %{!m64: i386}"


+/* Functions shipped in the ppc64 version of libgcc_s.1.dylib

'in the ppc64 and x86_64'

+#if defined (__ppc64__) || defined (__x86_64__)
+/* Many of these functions have probably never been used by anyone
+   anywhere on ppc64, but it's hard to prove this, so they're defined

'anywhere on these targets'

With those changed, OK.

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