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Re: Fix libgomp Fortran tests

Jerry DeLisle wrote:
To avoid the runtime penalty in computations of checking for that absurd case, I think its better to just not allow it and stick with the standard which defines symmetrical integers.

One reason for standards and standards committees is to hash out all these things.

Note, however, that the Fortran standard only defines a symmetric "integer model". The language in the standard is very careful to avoid the idea that the integer model exactly corresponds to the integers supported by the compiler/processor.

In particular, it was -- intentionally, unless I'm very much mistaken -- crafted in a way that allows all of the necessary loopholes to permit a compiler to support a slightly asymmetrical range like the usual two's-complement integers.

Personally, I would consider it a poor quality of implementation that wouldn't permit integers to take on all possible values permitted by the hardware, given the frequent usage of integers for storing bit-patterns.

- Brooks

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