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[v3] debug macro unifcation

This makes _GLIBCXX_DEBUG work as the one and only debug mode macro for
libstdc++. There had been debug variants for bitmap_allocator, and then
pb_ds introduced a slew of addtional macros. This converts both of
these offending bits  to using the existing machinery, giving the
library as a whole a consistent interface.

The policy-based data types work with this machinery as well now, modulo
one pre-existing issue with hash containers. I feel like this issue has
been found only because testing debug capability is so much easier
now.... I've asked Ami for help with this. In addition, several issues
with the current debug code and machinery were fixed. These containers
do have interesting debug capabilities, and seem able to use the
techniques that are used in the debug mode for the STL: this work paves
the way for that eventual work but doesn't attempt the kind of namespace
trickery and inheritance models used in that debug-fu.

In addition, I'd like to like to pick either
__gnu_test::throw_allocator or pb_ds::test::dbg_ex_allocator, move the
winner into ext, remove the duplicate, document it, and start using it
more extensively. I consider the duplicate removal fair game, but the
new testing not.... more on this at a later date.

tested x86/linux
performance tested x86/linux
tested x86/linux -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG 


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