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CLI back-end (work-in-progress)

some time ago I announced to gcc mailing list (see the project of a CLI back-end. It aims at making gcc produce highly-optimized CIL binaries, compliant with ECMA specification (
The development is currently performed by a team of STMicroelectronics R&D division (which I belong to).

For those interested, here is a patch to get the current work-in-progress snapshot of the project.
The patch has been generated from r116473 of gcc svn repository.

In the current status, the back-end should be seen as a prototype. Several bugs are probably still hiding and it is not yet possible to build a full toolchain based on it.
Nevertheless, nearly all C99 features are already supported (complex numbers and variable-length arrays are the only I recall to be missing) and the number of unexpected failures in gcc testsuite is already quite low.

Don't hesitate to contact me for further details... or anything else!

Happy hacking,

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