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Re: [patch] fix wrong gimple code with ptr to forward vla

If you made the C front end explictly declare the type, then the
type-elaboration approach would work as expected, and Jakub's patch
could be removed.  That would be a logically coherent approach, and
we could always switch to Joseph's approach in the fullness of time.

OK, I can give it a shot.

Thanks. Perhaps Jakub would be willing to help with that, if you get stuck?

But, I'd much rather fix it in a coherent way than with a
dependence on anonymity, which is a clever, but logically rather
indefensible, approach.

Sure. Humm, another quick thing for completeness: the very initial idea for this patch was to check for the existence of a TYPE_DECL associated with the pointed-to type. I wasn't sure how to achieve this, discussed it with Richard, he told me way, and the anonymity idea came up.

 This is conceptually different, but at this point in the discussion I'm
 not sure it is really better.

Until this discussion, I believed that a TYPE_DECL is just a way of naming a type, and had no semantics. (Joseph's approach would make that belief reality, by requiring that front ends make explicit any calculations required to compute sizes.) However, at present, you've explained that TYPE_DECLs do have semantics; in particular, the bounds of VLAs are executed at the point where a TYPE_DECL occurs.

So, I think that checking for non-TYPE_DECL ness is a little better than anonymity; at least, we'd be checking for a semantic property. However, given the situation outlined in the previous paragraph, it's pretty questionable: we're admitting the existence of variable-sized types without TYPE_DECLs, which means that there is no well-defined point at which the bounds should be calculated. In particular, I don't think "the first time you encounter that type" is that well-defined.

But, I would be more accepting of the no-TYPE_DECL test than the no-name test, if we have to choose between those two.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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