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Re: Fw: [patch] [4.2 projects] vectorize strided accesses (4 patches)


I'm working on merging mainline changes into autovect branch just now.
Which BOOT_CFLAGS did you use?

-- Victor wrote on 05.09.2006 15:56:11:

> Hi Ira (and the other autovect folks),
> On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Ira Rosen wrote:
> > Is it O.K. for mainline 4.3 with those changes?
> I recently tried doing a full top-level bootstrap of the autovect branch
> on i686-pc-linux-gnu where it currently fails to build due to an ICE
> whilst building libjava.  After waiting a few weeks I tried again, but
> with the same result.  It's not clear whether this is a pre-existing
> java condition from the branch's last merge with mainline, or a problem
> associated with the autovect changes.
> Any chance I could ask one of the autovect folks to look into the issue
> and keep the autovect branch buildable?  This helps inspire confidence
> that integrating changes to mainline should be safe.  If a branch has
> problems even for common targets the new code probably hasn't stablized
> enough to be integrated.  This applies not just to autovect but all of
> GCC's other development branches.
> Roger
> --

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