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Re: [PATCH] CONSTANT_ALIGNMENT is missed in builtins.c

On 9/1/06, Roger Sayle <> wrote:

Hi Richard and Adam,

On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, Adam Nemet wrote:
> Richard Guenther writes:
> > So if 27226 finally is a regression the patch in there looks more complete.
> > Can you verify it works for you?
> That's nice.  Yes it works and it is a regression with dhrystone as
> Joern has mentioned it.  Thanks for noticing this.

Ok, in that case Richard's patch for middle-end/27226, as attached in
comment #13, is OK for mainline, with an appropriate ChangeLog entry,
and for the 4.1 branch after a while on mainline without problems.

Richard could you also add Adam's new MIPS testcase to the testsuite
when you commit your patch.  I appreciate that you probably can't test
it, and confirm it works yourself, but its good to have a test to
ensure we don't regress again in future.  If anyone can come up with
an x86 test, that'd be even better, but not required.

Thanks to you both.

Ok, I'll re-spin a round of testing and commit together with the testcase.


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