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[PATCH] Document TARGET_FUNCTION_VALUE target hook

Tested by building the documentation.

Ok for mainline?


:ADDPATCH middle-end:

2006-08-30  Richard Guenther  <>

	PR middle-end/28884
	* doc/tm.texi (TARGET_FUNCTION_VALUE): Document.

Index: doc/tm.texi
*** doc/tm.texi	(revision 116582)
--- doc/tm.texi	(working copy)
*************** aggregate data types, because these are 
*** 4075,4080 ****
--- 4075,4087 ----
  @code{TARGET_STRUCT_VALUE_RTX} and related macros, below.
  @end defmac
+ @deftypefn {Target Hook} rtx TARGET_FUNCTION_VALUE (tree @var{ret_type}, tree @var{fn_decl_or_type}, bool @var{outgoing})
+ This target hook needs to handles both @code{FUNCTION_VALUE} and
+ @code{FUNCTION_OUTGOING_VALUE} semantics based on @var{outgoing}.  In
+ addition to the function decl, @var{fn_decl_or_type} can also be the
+ function type.
+ @end deftypefn
  @defmac LIBCALL_VALUE (@var{mode})
  A C expression to create an RTX representing the place where a library
  function returns a value of mode @var{mode}.  If the precise function

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