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[patch RFA] Fix target/28764

The appended patch is to fix PR target/28764 which is a build
failure on sh4.  Current optimize_mode_switching has the code
to insert mode switching instructions at the end of the source
basic block of an abnormal edge, but it doesn't work for some
situations.  For details, please see Joern's comments #4, #6
and #7 in the audit trail of

The patch stops to insert mode switching instructions at the end
of the source BB of an abnormal edge and makes the destination
BB of an abnormal edge have no anticipatable mode.
It's tested with bootstrap and the top level "make -k check" on
i686-pc-linux-gnu with no new failures.

:ADDPATCH target:

2006-08-25  J"orn Rennecke  <>
	    Kaz Kojima  <>

	PR target/28764
	* mode-switching.c (optimize_mode_switching): Make the destination
	block of an abnormal edge have no anticipatable mode.  Don't
	insert mode switching code at the end of the source block of
	an abnormal edge.

--- ORIG/trunk/gcc/mode-switching.c	2006-03-09 15:11:37.000000000 +0900
+++ LOCAL/trunk/gcc/mode-switching.c	2006-08-25 09:17:13.000000000 +0900
@@ -465,7 +465,11 @@ optimize_mode_switching (void)
 	      if (e->flags & EDGE_COMPLEX)
 	    if (e)
-	      RESET_BIT (transp[bb->index], j);
+	      {
+		ptr = new_seginfo (no_mode, BB_HEAD (bb), bb->index, live_now);
+		add_seginfo (info + bb->index, ptr);
+		RESET_BIT (transp[bb->index], j);
+	      }
 	  for (insn = BB_HEAD (bb);
@@ -608,38 +612,11 @@ optimize_mode_switching (void)
 	      if (mode_set == NULL_RTX)
-	      /* If this is an abnormal edge, we'll insert at the end
-		 of the previous block.  */
-	      if (eg->flags & EDGE_ABNORMAL)
-		{
-		  emited = true;
-		  if (JUMP_P (BB_END (src_bb)))
-		    emit_insn_before (mode_set, BB_END (src_bb));
-		  else
-		    {
-		      /* It doesn't make sense to switch to normal
-		         mode after a CALL_INSN.  The cases in which a
-		         CALL_INSN may have an abnormal edge are
-		         sibcalls and EH edges.  In the case of
-		         sibcalls, the dest basic-block is the
-		         EXIT_BLOCK, that runs in normal mode; it is
-		         assumed that a sibcall insn requires normal
-		         mode itself, so no mode switch would be
-		         required after the call (it wouldn't make
-		         sense, anyway).  In the case of EH edges, EH
-		         entry points also start in normal mode, so a
-		         similar reasoning applies.  */
-		      gcc_assert (NONJUMP_INSN_P (BB_END (src_bb)));
-		      emit_insn_after (mode_set, BB_END (src_bb));
-		    }
-		  bb_info[j][src_bb->index].computing = mode;
-		  RESET_BIT (transp[src_bb->index], j);
-		}
-	      else
-		{
-		  need_commit = 1;
-		  insert_insn_on_edge (mode_set, eg);
-		}
+	      /* We should not get an abnormal edge here.  */
+	      gcc_assert (! (eg->flags & EDGE_ABNORMAL));
+	      need_commit = 1;
+	      insert_insn_on_edge (mode_set, eg);

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