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Re: Fixes to ipa branch

Paulo wrote that he had another way of working around it:

> I was working around > this by calling free_dominance_info before every pop_cfun."

Your thoughts?

Uhm, now that I really have the source under my eyes, what I was doing was in fact just to drop the dominance info before every pop_cfun: look at the bottom here.

@@ -2167,12 +2170,18 @@ push_cfun (struct function *new_cfun)
   VEC_safe_push (function_p, heap, cfun_stack, cfun);
   cfun = new_cfun;
+  if (!cfun->emit)
+    init_function_start (cfun->decl);
+  current_function_decl = cfun->decl;

 pop_cfun (void)
+  free_dominance_info (CDI_DOMINATORS);
+  free_dominance_info (CDI_POST_DOMINATORS);
   cfun = VEC_pop (function_p, cfun_stack);
+  current_function_decl = cfun ? cfun->decl : NULL;

Unfortunately, now I don't have the code triggering the bug at hand, but I guess one pass was leaving dominator information allocated. You could find it by turning the free_dominance_info calls into an assert, and I probably would have done if my ipa-branch changes weren't just internal development, not meant for FSF GCC.

Still, the rest of the patch, setting current_function_decl on push_cfun/pop_cfun, is more interesting and it allows to dump a function (for debugging purposes). Unless somebody beats me to it, I will bootstrap and regtest it and submit it formally when I come back from holiday.


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