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Re: [patch] Fix C++ PRs 28736, 28737 and 28738

On 8/21/06, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
What kinds of situations trigger a type with CLASSTYPE_TI_TEMPLATE set
to error_mark_node?

The testcase which triggers this behaviour is:

template<void> struct A
   template<typename> friend struct B;

template<typename> struct B {};

B<int> b;

Judging from your comments you feel a better fix would be to find the
point at which CLASSTYPE_TI_TEMPLATE becomes the error_mark_node and
take action accordingly, rather than allow things to continue?

Separately, maybe instead of

       PR c++/28737
       PR c++/28738
       * pt.c (process_partial_specialization): Robustify.

we should instead arrange that the entry in the parameter list is not
error_mark_node, but a TREE_LIST node with an error_mark as its
TREE_VALUE?  It seems like we're running into problems because we've
introduced a typing violation; we expect these vectors to contain
TREE_LISTs, and now they sometimes contain an unvarnished error_mark_node.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look at implementing this.


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