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[PATCH] Improve error message on missing GNAT

While testing my --enable-stage1-languages patch, I noticed that if you specify --enable-languages=c,ada and you don't have a GNAT installed, the error message does not hint to what the problem might be. For 4.3 I plan to simplify a lot the language detection code, in the meanwhile here is a simple patch.

This patch was tested with ../configure, ../configure --enable-languages=c,ada and ../configure --enable-languages=all,ada on a machine without GNAT and one with it.

Ok for mainline? I will apply this as obvious (Fortran issues the error message on a missing GMP) anyway in a week unless anyone says it is not appropriate for the regression-only mode.

2006-08-18  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* Give a hard error if GNAT is not present but Ada
	was specified.
	* configure: Regenerate.

---	(revision 116179)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -1217,8 +1217,12 @@ if test -d ${srcdir}/gcc; then
             echo "${lang_frag} doesn't set \$language." 1>&2
             exit 1
+          *,ada,*:ada:no:*)
+            # Ada was requested with no preexisting GNAT.  Tell them.
+            AC_MSG_ERROR([GNAT is required to build $language])
+            ;;
-            # Ada was requested with no preexisting GNAT.  Disable unconditionally.
+            # No preexisting GNAT.  Disable Ada unconditionally.

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