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Re: [patch,fortran] PR25828 F2003 Stream I/O

Steve Kargl wrote:
On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 09:34:13PM -0700, Jerry DeLisle wrote:
The streamio_7.f90 test was revised to not use an empty write to position the file. Though this seems to work on most systems, it does not seem to work on 64 bit platforms. Steve Kargl and I have been beating on that one for about a week and have decided to open a separate PR for this, since it is a corner case.

Just to clarify. streamio_7.f90 appears to fail on FreeBSD-current (the bleeding edge) on both i386 and amd64 platforms. I've given Jerry access to my amd64 platform to help me track down the problem. Although this problem exists, I believe that this patch is ready to commit to get wide spread testing. I know Janne has also provided some feedback. If you have any reservations, test the patch and speak up.

Committed to 4.2 only, approval off list by Steve. This is not planned for 4.1 branch because we do not want to disturb that version of the library. libgfortran version for 4.2 was bumped already previously. The test case, streamio_7.f90 has been committed safe for FreeBSD and a separate PR will be opened for that issue.



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