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RE: [m32c,patch]New assembly subroutines

Hi DJ,

>> Also, I'd like to see performance comparisons.  Do you have m32c
>> hardware with sufficient memory to run tests that compare the 
>> old and new libraries?  

We have M32C hardware with 24k RAM. We have tested many functions 
even on the hardware and found that the results obtained are accurate.

>> Sounds like you're missing an L__foo somewhere, and ending up with
>> multiple global symbols in one of your library objects, or one
>> global ending up in two objects. 

Thanks for the suggestions. Even though we have added L__subdf3 in 
t-m32c, its not overwriting in case of "long long" variables. We will
Investigating on it further and try to solve it.

>> Er, not MD_FILES.  LIB1ASMFUNCS.  Please be careful when writing
>> ChangeLog entries.

Sorry again for my mistakes in ChangeLog. I have corrected it and 
resending it again as per the suggestions. Please find below the 
modified ChangeLog.

>> Is this a bugfix or a performance enhancement?  It looks like a 
>> bugfix, but the ChangeLog looks like performance enhancement.

It had to be posted separately as it's a bug fix, but I added with
the enhancements. I am posting it separately this time to FSF.

Please find attached the modified patch "m32c_asm.tar.bz2.

2006-08-14  Naveen.H.S  <>

	* config/m32c/t-m32c : Add addsf3, subsf3, mulsf3
	adddf3, subdf3, muldf3.
	* config/m32c/m32c-lib1.S : (addsf3): New.
	(subsf3): New.
	(mulsf3): New.	
	(adddf3): New.
	(subdf3): New.
	(muldf3): New.

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd,
Pune (INDIA) 

Free download of GNU based tool-chains for Renesas' SH, H8, R8C, M16C	
and M32C Series. The following site also offers free technical support	
to its users. Visit for details. 	
Latest versions of KPIT GNU tools were released on June 1, 2006.	

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