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Re: [patch] for PR 27735

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> You aren't in charge of maintaining the testsuite, so i'm not sure why
>> you are trying to change the way it's currently being done.  For
>> example, the only test in gcc.dg that contains information about who
>> reported is a single test from 2003.
> I've added more than one testcase to gcc.dg and I (try to) follow the 
> conventions, ergo your assertion is wrong. :-)  See for example 
> sparc-getcontext-1.c and sparc-loop-1.c.
>> There are plenty of tests that are named after the PR number.
> Since the PR is already supposed to be in the testcase, I think it makes sense 
> to add one more bit of information.
>> If we (the community of gcc developers we), or the testsuite maintainer,
>> want to change the naming and information contained in the tests from
>> what is currently being done, it should be discussed, not just asserted
>> as the way it should be done in a patch review and required of
>> contributors.
> The problem with Wikis is that everyone seems to think you don't need to read 
> the existing documentation. :-)
I did though. At least, sourcebuild.texi :)

See, sourcebuild.texi says:

>    If it does not test a well-defined feature
>    but just happens to exercise a bug somewhere in the compiler, and a
>    bug report has been filed for this bug in the GCC bug database,
>    @file{pr@var{bug-number}-1.c} is the appropriate form of name.

This does not test a well defined feature, it just happens to exercise a
bug somewhere in the compiler.  In particular, it affects the generic
code to do things in cfgloopmanip.
Ergo, it should be named after the PR number.

Hence my comment about changing the way things are currently, to
apparently name things after what pass sometimes triggers the bug.

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