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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR28425 - Derived type initialization via a derived type is broken

I just realised that it would be a good idea to include parameters in the test. Please see below for what I intend to commit:


! { dg-do run }
! Tests fix for PR28425 in which anything other than a constructor would
! not work for derived type components in a structure constructor.
! Original version sent by Vivek Rao on 18 Jan 06
! Modified by Steve Kargl to remove IO
module foo_mod

implicit none

 type :: date_m
    integer :: month
 end type date_m

 type :: file_info
    type(date_m) :: date
 end type file_info

type(date_m), parameter :: christmas = date_m (12)

end module foo_mod

program prog

use foo_mod

 implicit none
 type(date_m)  :: dat
 type(file_info) :: xx

dat = date_m(1)

 xx = file_info(date_m(-1))  ! This always worked - a constructor
 if (xx%date%month /= -1) call abort

 xx = file_info(dat)         ! This was the original PR - a variable
 if (xx%date%month /= 1) call abort

 xx = file_info(foo(2))      ! ...functions were also broken
 if (xx%date%month /= 2) call abort

 xx = file_info(christmas)   ! ...and parameters
 if (xx%date%month /= 12) call abort


 function foo (i) result (ans)
    integer :: i
    type(date_m) :: ans
    ans = date_m(2)
 end function foo

end program prog

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