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Re: [lto] PATCH: new CALL_EXPR constructors

! 	      if (newop != op)
! 		  copy = copy_node (exp);
! 		  TREE_OPERAND (copy, i) = newop;

This should be:

if (newop != op)
    if (!copy)
      copy = copy_node (exp);
    TREE_OPERAND (copy, i) = newop;

	* gcc/builtins.c (fold_builtin_call_list): Replacement for
	fold_build_call_expr.  Renamed for consistency with other new
	CALL_EXPR constructors, and removed the static_chain argument since
	it is never used.  Fixed all callers.

Please leave in the static_chain argument, one step at a time.

+ /* We can't use allocation pools to hold temporary CALL_EXPR objects, since
+    they are not of fixed size.  Instead, we'll xmalloc them directly, and
+    chain them together through their TREE_CHAIN slots.  We don't need to
+    free them individually, just the whole chain of them when we are done.  */

It's better not to introduce new TREE_CHAIN usages. You may put a FIXME comment saying that we may want to remove it. Or you may use an obstack instead of malloc, because it is easy to free it all in a single call.

I read the patch only up to tree-ssa-pre.c.

Hope this helps,

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