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4.2 regressions with patch available

I went through the patch queue, and added the "patch" keyword to bugs that have a patch available. Danny, maybe you could have the patch application do so and add the patch URL in the bugzilla "URL" field?

Anyway, the results are as follows: these bugs have patches awaiting for review:

26969 nor P1 NEW [4.1/4.2 Regression] ICE with -O1 -funswitch-loops -ftree...
27184 cri P1 ASSI [4.0/4.1/4.2 Regression] Wrong code with pointers to arra...
27735 nor P1 ASSI [4.2 Regression] ice with -O3 on legal code [unswitch]
14435 nor P2 NEW [4.0/4.1/4.2 Regression] gnatchop cannot use the compiled...
23868 nor P2 NEW [4.1/4.2 regression] builtin_apply uses wrong mode for mu...
26195 nor P2 i686-pc-linux-gnu NEW [4.0/4.1/4.2 regression] pragma interface no longer handl...
26197 nor P2 NEW [4.2 regression] ICE in is_old_name with vectorizer
27721 min P2 UNCO [4.1/4.2 regression] ICE using += with a function
27827 nor P2 ASSI [4.0/4.1/4.2 Regression] gcc 4 produces worse x87 code on...
27880 nor P2 NEW [4.2 regression] undefined reference to `_Unwind_GetIPInfo'
28606 nor P3 UNCO [4.0/4.1/4.2 regression] Destructor accepted as return-ty...
23104 nor P4 ASSI [4.1/4.2 Regression] C does not reject the same function ...
28136 nor P4 UNCO [4.0/4.1/4.2 regression] ICE with incomplete array type
28284 nor P4 UNCO [4.2 regression] ICE with invalid static const variable
28419 min P4 ASSI [4.1/4.2 regression] ICE using __FUNCTION__ in invalid code
28593 nor P4 UNCO [4.0/4.1/4.2 regression] ICE on invalid operator new
23709 min P5 ASSI [4.1/4.2 Regression] error recovery is not smart enough

Reviewers, have fun. :-)


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