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Re: Backporting patch for PR 27291 (Regression fix for PR 28221 on 4.1)

Hi Steve,

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Steve Ellcey wrote:
> The fix for the 4.1 regression bug PR 28221 is to backport the patch for
> PR 27291 to the 4.1 branch.  But in order to do this (or at least to
> make it easy) I want to put the following patch from Nathan Sidwell on
> the 4.1 branch first:
> Then the patch for PR 27291 will install cleanly.  Both patches have
> been tested with the 4.1 branch on i486-linux-gnu and on ia64 HP-UX and
> Linux but since the first patch isn't technically a regression fix I
> thought I would see if there are any objections to me putting both
> patches on the 4.1 branch.
> Are there any objections?

My opinion is that Nathan's change is small and safe, perhaps even
obvious, and reasonable to backport as part of a fix to PR28221.
In fact, given that every line changed by Nathan's patch is
subsequently modified by Zdenek's fix for PR tree-optimization/27291,
I think this can/should be considered a straight backport of that
latter fix, and pre-approved under the current guidelines.  Having
used the "completely subsumed" argument to motivate a backport, I also
think it's polite to acknowledge Nathan's contribution, even though
the final code is the ultimately the same.

Something like:

2006-08-02  Steve Ellcey  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/28221
	Backport from mainline.
	2005-11-30  Nathan Sidwell  <>
	* loop-doloop.c (add_test): Only add jump notes if we did emit a
	2006-05-01  Zdenek Dvorak  <>
	PR rtl-optimization/27291
	* loop-doloop.c (add_test, doloop_modify): Handle the case
	condition is folded to a constant.

Hopefully others agree with my interpretation of GCC protocol and
etiquette.  I'm sure Mark will let me/us know if I'm not inline with
current thinking?

Thanks for fixing this.


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