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[lto] PATCH: fix recent breakage in Java front end

Kazu and I discovered the hard way that "make clean" had failed to completely clean out my build directory when I built and tested my last batch of CALL_EXPR changes. :-( This patch fixes a compilation error when building libjava. Already committed as "obvious".

I've also done a complete build from scratch in a new directory and re-run the test suite to make sure I didn't accidentally introduce any other regressions.

Re the problem with "make clean", I assume everybody else already knows that doesn't work? It gets confused by the multiple-stage build and tries to recursively "make clean" in a directory whose Makefile has already been deleted.


2006-07-25  Sandra Loosemore  <>

	* gcc/java/parse.y (resolve_qualified_expression_name): use result
	of patch_method_invocation instead of assuming it always works

Index: gcc/java/parse.y
*** gcc/java/parse.y	(revision 115735)
--- gcc/java/parse.y	(working copy)
*************** resolve_qualified_expression_name (tree 
*** 9851,9856 ****
--- 9851,9857 ----
  	  *where_found = patch_method_invocation (qual_wfl, decl, type,
  						  &is_static, &ret_decl);
+ 	  qual_wfl = *where_found;
  	  from_super = 0;
  	  if (*where_found == error_mark_node)

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