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[patch] fix pr27543

Small documentation patch for this one. I thought it best to refer to the spot earlier in the file where we have the full documentation instead of duplicating it. Otherwise we can pull it out into the generic variable attributes section as well. I'm open for either?

OK? Some other way?


2006-07-23 Eric Christopher <>

	PR target/27543
	* doc/extend.texi (PowerPC Variable Attributes): New
	section. Reference i386 documentation on ms_struct
	and gcc_struct.
Index: extend.texi
--- extend.texi	(revision 115630)
+++ extend.texi	(working copy)
@@ -3371,6 +3371,14 @@ Here, @code{t5} will take up 2 bytes.
 @end enumerate
 @end table
+@subsection PowerPC Variable Attributes
+Two attributes are currently defined for i386 configurations:
+@code{ms_struct} and @code{gcc_struct}
+For full documentation of these attributes please see the documentation
+in the i386 Variable Attributes section.
 @subsection Xstormy16 Variable Attributes
 One attribute is currently defined for xstormy16 configurations:

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