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Re: [java] RFA: builtins vs. -findirect-dispatch

Andrew Haley wrote:
Bryce McKinlay writes:
> Currently, some of GCJ's Math builtins can generate non-indirect > function calls even when -findirect-dispatch is set. The simplest fix > for this seems to be to simply disable builtins where a function call > could be generated and -findirect-dispatch in use.

LOL! I remember suggesting this patch before and being told that it
was a bad idea as it would affect performance!
Yeah :). This fix is slightly better, though, as it doesn't disable the min/max/abs/etc builtins, which map directly to tree EXPR's.

> This is needed for the upcoming libgcj_bc patch, since that will ensure > at link time that only known BC-ABI symbols are used by an > -findirect-dispatch binary.
> > OK to commit?

OK. It's not ideal, but I suppose it has the virtue of simplicity.

Yes, I agree we will want to optimize this eventually. But for now, this way at least we don't complicate the ABI and mess things up for future generations.


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