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Re: [PATCH][RFC] Remove volatile from data members in libstdc++

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

To summarize, we have no idea why the (respected, would be Hans Boehm, I guess) author of that code decided to add the volatiles... I'd like to understand the issue a little better before going ahead...

I don't have a problem with this patch, as long as it is sufficiently

... the real problem is the latter requirement: in my opinion our current testsuite doesn't stress sufficiently well all those facilities in the multithreaded context which really matters. Without strong "theoretical" assurance that it's safe, I fear we may damage something without noticing (and without a huge benefit)...

I suspect that some of this is just the accumulation of patches over
the years. Some of this may be to fix various compiler behavior, to
avoid warnings, or to coax cetain output (and may not be relevant now).

Personally, I have no clues. For sure those volatile were already there *a lot* of time ago and the semantics of volatile is sufficiently underspecified by the current standard that I would be interested in a clarification from the original author... What can I say, assuming Hans has nothing to add I propose to commit the patch to mainline as soon as 4.2 branches and hope for the best... ;)


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