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Re: [MinGW] PR target/19970: Java unnecessarily disabled for MinGW in top-level configure

Nathanael Nerode schrieb:
> David Ayers wrote:
>>>Yet I fail to understand the need for --enable/disable-libgcj if it is
>>>merely being used to enable/disable java.  Why isn't that being done via
>>>language variable?
> Probably historical.  :-)
> Perhaps you could work up a patch for the top level which does the
> following:
> (1) removes --enable/disable-libgcj
> (2) changes the list of default languages to not include Java for the
> former targets which defaulted to --disable-libgcj, and to include Java
> for the other targets.  (While you're at it you could enable Java by
> default on MinGW.)
> (3) determines whether or not to build the libgcj subdir et al. based on
> the presence of Java in the language list
> This would simplify the gunk at the toplevel quite a bit.  Can anyone
> think of a reason not to do this?

Before I continue working on this for 4.3, I would like to have a signal
from the java maintainers, if they actually agree with this approach in
the light of:

in which there seems to be a reluctance to make building the runtime
dependant on building the front-end.


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