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Re: Don't define USE_PT_GNU_EH_FRAME when using uClibc

David Daney wrote:
Jie Zhang wrote:
When building a cross compiler with --with-sysroot option,
inhibit_libc is not defined. GCC checks if PT_GNU_EH_FRAME can be used

I think a better option is to defind inhibit_libc for uClibc.

When I searched the mailing list, I found this
If we define inhibit_libc for uClibc as we did for newlib before, -fprofile-arcs / -fbranch-probabilities maybe cannot be used with uClibc.

Attached is a patch I am using with 3.4.3, that I am going to try to submit for 4.3 when it goes back to stage 1.

> +if { { test x$host != x$target && test "x$with_sysroot" = x && test x$target_os != "xlinux-uclibc"; } ||

I don't know if configure in gcc checks what C library is used when building GCC and change *-*-linux into *-*-linux-uclibc. For bfin port, since uClibc is the only supported C library on uClinux, we usually just configure it with --target=bfin-uclinux. If configure does not check the C library, this test will not work.


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