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Re: PR bootstrap/27963 - PR target/19970 [toplevel]

DJ Delorie schrieb:
> Which targets are you testing?  You've touched a bazillion targets,
> and normally each target maintainer would approve the change to that
> target, but with this type of change you don't really know if boehm-gc
> actually builds for all those targets you're adding it to.
Indeed I'm currently testing an unaffected target (i686-pc-linux-gnu).
Yet I'm touching the same targets I touched with:

where I had added target-boehm-gc to every target that had ${libgcj}
(while removing target-boehm-gc from libgcj).  Note that my first
approach was not as invasive:

but the only feedback I got was to offer the approach of explicitly
extracting target-boehm-gc and this was what was later approved.

I'm happy to try to run this through any kind of simulators which I
would still need to setup, but in fact, this is partially reverting to
the previous state so I think it should be rather safe.

Please let me know how I should proceed.


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