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Re: [LTO] Move ChangeLog.lto into the GCC sub directory

On 6/3/06, Steven Bosscher <> wrote:
On Saturday 03 June 2006 04:49, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Andrew Pinski wrote:
> > I noticed that the ChangeLog.lto in the toplevel directory just
> > has the changelog part for the gcc directory.  Is it okay
> > if I move it to the gcc subdirectory and remove from the changelog
> > entries "gcc/"?
> CodeSourcery's usual practice is one top-level ChangeLog.

And GCC's usual practice is to have the ChangeLog in the directory
where you make the changes.  I was under the impression that LTO
was a GCC community project, not a CodeSourcery internal project.

Perhaps my impression is wrong.  But if it is not, then why do you
not follow the established practice (e.g. on the tree-ssa branch
and on the rtlopt branch) of one ChangeLog per directory?

While I think that placement of the ChangeLog file is not important the important question whether LTO is a CodeSourcery internal project is indeed popping up in this context. Can you share some of the immediate plans you have for the branch with the rest of the community? At the moment it looks like general cleanups, but what is the medium-term goal for the branch? Which contributions from others are suitable for the branch - I see the work on IPA branch as possibly conflicting with some design decisions, so should parts of it move over to LTO branch?


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