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RE: [RFA][Patch] Update on gcc installation specific web page

Hi Joern,

Please find updated patch attached.

I hope this is ok. 
Please let me know your comment.


2006-05-24  Anil Paranjpe  <>

 	* doc/install.texi (Specific): Add new targets as
         Mention subtargets of sh-*-elf. Mention about sh5*-*-* under
         Modify m32c-*-elf target description by adding R8C, M16C
processor families.
         Modify h8300-hms for recommending h8300-*-elf over h8300-hms or


-----Original Message-----
From: Joern RENNECKE [] 
Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2006 4:16 PM
To: Gerald Pfeifer
Cc: Anil Paranjape; Kazu Hirata; DJ Delorie; Alexandre Oliva;
Subject: Re: [RFA][Patch] Update on gcc installation specific web page

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

>+@heading @anchor{sh-x-elf}sh-*-elf
>+Renesas SH series of processors. Supported variants are SH1, SH2, 
>+SH-2E, SH-2A, SH2-DSP, SH3, SH-3E, SH3-DSP, SH4, SH-4A. It also
supports sh5 (sh64)
>+family.                                         ^^^^
>"and the sh5 (sh64) family" or "This port also support..." instead of
The statement is factually incorrect to start with.   To build a 
compiler that targets
SH5, you need an sh5*-*-* or sh64*-*-* configuration.

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