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[patch] support for temps of variable size with const upper bound


The GCC 3.x series supported temporaries of variable size for which a
constant upper bound could be obtained, thanks to specific bits in
assign_temp, still there in mainline:

      /* Unfortunately, we don't yet know how to allocate variable-sized
	 temporaries.  However, sometimes we have a fixed upper limit on
	 the size (which is stored in TYPE_ARRAY_MAX_SIZE) and can use that
      /* If we still haven't been able to get a size, see if the language
	 can compute a maximum size.  */

GCC 4 currently rejects any creation attempt very early, from create_tmp_var:

  /* We don't allow types that are addressable (meaning we can't make copies),
     incomplete, or of variable size.  */

This leads to an ICE on the Ada testcase below, expected to compile
silently - a regression from GCC 3.4.

   procedure P (Nbytes : Natural) is

      type Message_T (Length : Natural) is record
	 case Length is
	    when 0 => null;
	    when others => Id : Natural;
	 end case;
      end record;

      type Local_Message_T is new Message_T (Nbytes);

      function One_message return Local_Message_T is
	 M : Local_Message_T;
	 if M.Length > 0 then
	    M.Id := 1;
	 end if;
	 return M;

      procedure Process (X : Local_Message_T) is begin null; end;

      Process (One_Message);

The attached patch is a suggestion to address this by removing the
check in create_tmp_var and have gimple_add_tmp_var adjust the var
decl size when it is variable to denote a constant upper bound
instead, aborting if no such bound can be obtained.

The upper bound evaluation eventually resorts to a
"max_int_size_in_bytes (type)" helper in tree.c, inspired from the
initial code in assign_temp and reused there as well.

Along with this comes an adjustment to the Ada front-end type_max_size
hook, to let it provide constant values in more situations than what it
was capable of so far.

Bootstrapped and regression tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu with

Thanks in advance,



2006-05-23  Olivier Hainque  <>

	* tree.c (max_int_size_in_bytes): New function, inspired from
	code in function.c:assign_temp.
	* tree.h (max_int_size_in_bytes): Declare.
	* function.c (assign_temp): Use it.
	* gimplify.c (create_tmp_var): Relax the assertions on the type
	properties, not mandating constant size any more.
	(force_constant_size): New static function.
	(gimple_add_tmp_var): Use it, forcing variable size to a
	constant upper bound if it is not constant on entry.
	* ada/misc.c (gnat_type_max_size): Look at TYPE_ADA_SIZE if we have
	not been able to get a constant upper bound from TYPE_SIZE_UNIT.


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