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Re: [RFA] PR13946 [1/3] toplevel configure/makefile objc/boehm-gc

+[  --enable-objc-gc       enable the use of Boehm's garbage collector with
+                          the GNU Objective-C runtime.],
+[case $enable_objc_gc in
+  yes)
+    # reenable boehm-gc if it is needed for objc
+    noconfigdirs=`echo " ${noconfigdirs} " | sed -e 's/target-boehm-gc //'`
+    libgcj=`echo " ${libgcj} " | sed -e 's/target-boehm-gc //'`
+    libgcj_saved=`echo " ${libgcj_saved} " | sed -e 's/target-boehm-gc //'`

I don't see libgcj_saved being read elsewhere in You could delete it instead of writing it here.

An alternative possibility is this:
- get rid of boehm-gc within the libgcj variable.
- readd boehm-gc to every noconfigdirs="$noconfigdirs ${libgcj}" line of; later we can refine this to include only those systems where boehm-gc is not working.
- put the AC_ARG_ENABLE after the last such line of, and raise an error there if noconfigdirs includes boehm-gc
- add another "if", after the AC_ARG_ENABLE, that prevents boehm-gc from building if enable_objc_gc is not specified and target_configdirs does not include libgcj.

Actually, the last step is not necessary as, in the worst case, it will cause an unnecessary build of boehm-gc. If people do not like this (as I think), I guess your patch is good enough with the libgcj_saved change (but I cannot approve it).


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