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Re: [PATCH] Add word-sized conversion functions to libgcc2

Richard Sandiford wrote:

> This message is probably going to annoy you, sorry, because I'm going
> to propose an alternative patch.  However, even if we go with that
> alternative patch, your description of the problem has surely helped
> me get this far.  I'll leave it up to the reviewer (hi Mark!) to decide
> which approach to go for, or whether we should do something else entirely.

I like Richard's patch best.  I find Richard's point about making names
of object files, etc., match the intuitive names implied by the various
mode-conversion routines compelling, and, I like that we're eliminating
some duplicate code.


I didn't find the name of this variable mnemonic; it took me a bit of
puzzling to figure out what it meant.  How about
material; if you don't like my name, use your original one, or one of
your choosing, without feeling you ought to consult with me.

Please test, and, assuming no problems, apply.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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