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Re: [RFC] Passing MIPS debug hints between gcc and gdb

On Thursday 11 May 2006 02:57, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> You're right: the size of everything is determined by the combination of
> the ABI "name" and long size.  The gdb patch I mentioned did do that IIRC.
> (I didn't write that patch myself, and my memory's hazy.)  It was certainly
> the intention that gdb work this out for itself.

OK.  I can generate a patch that does that.

> Using empty sections was always a hack, to be honest (modelled on the
> old .gcc_compiled_v3 thing, whatever it was called).  I suppose we
> should be using note sections really.

Yeah, I thought about putting the hints in a single section that could
have it's contents merged by the linker and duplicates removed.

> I'd be OK with relaxing the condition to EABI || o64 if it's o64 you
> need this for.

Yes, it is o64 where I originally found the problem.

> I suppose we should make the incorrect -mlong* option an error for
> other ABIs.  (Another one for the TODO list.)

OK, though it seemed to work fine with at least one other ABI (-mabi=32).
I didn't test them all.


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