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[RFA] Multiple fixes for PR c/27489

Currently, the C frontend ICEs on the following invalid testcase:

  void foo()
    switch (,) { }

PR27489.c: In function 'foo':
PR27489.c:3: error: expected expression before ',' token
PR27489.c:3: internal compiler error: tree check: expected class 'type', have 'exceptional' (error_mark) in c_start_case, at c-typeck.c:7035
Please submit a full bug report, [etc.]

Andrew Pinksi suggested the following patch which avoids creating
invalid COMPOUND_EXPRs. Btw, the patch also fixes PR27490 where
the compiler trips over "sizeof(,)":

--- c-typeck.c  (revision 113594)
+++ c-typeck.c  (working copy)
@@ -3379,6 +3379,9 @@ build_compound_expr (tree expr1, tree ex
   else if (warn_unused_value)
     warn_if_unused_value (expr1, input_location);
+  if (TREE_CODE (expr2) == ERROR_MARK)
+    return error_mark_node;
   return build2 (COMPOUND_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (expr2), expr1, expr2);

I'd prefer checking "expr == error_mark_node"", but otherwise this
makes sense to me.

However, the logic in c_start_case where the ICE actually happens is
also broken. We explicitly check "code != ERROR_MARK" for a case
that would handle the error_mark_node gracefully and instead choose
the case that will inevitably crash under this condition. Ouch.

The patch below just removes the bogus test and cleans up the code
a little (removing unused variables and superfluous computations).

Which patches should go in 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 once we enter stage 1 again?


2006-05-09  Volker Reichelt  <>

	PR c/27489
	* c-typeck.c (c_start_case): Handle invalid orig_type correctly.
	Clean up.

--- gcc/gcc/c-typeck.c	2006-05-08 22:57:52 +0200
+++ gcc/gcc/c-typeck.c	2006-05-08 22:57:59 +0200
@@ -7017,17 +7017,14 @@ struct c_switch *c_switch_stack;
 c_start_case (tree exp)
-  enum tree_code code;
-  tree type, orig_type = error_mark_node;
+  tree orig_type = error_mark_node;
   struct c_switch *cs;
   if (exp != error_mark_node)
-      code = TREE_CODE (TREE_TYPE (exp));
       orig_type = TREE_TYPE (exp);
-      if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (orig_type)
-	  && code != ERROR_MARK)
+      if (!INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (orig_type))
 	  error ("switch quantity not an integer");
 	  exp = integer_zero_node;
@@ -7035,7 +7032,7 @@ c_start_case (tree exp)
-	  type = TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT (TREE_TYPE (exp));
+	  tree type = TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT (orig_type);
 	  if (!in_system_header
 	      && (type == long_integer_type_node
@@ -7044,7 +7041,6 @@ c_start_case (tree exp)
 		     "converted to %<int%> in ISO C");
 	  exp = default_conversion (exp);
-	  type = TREE_TYPE (exp);

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