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Re: [patch,gfortran] PR 20541: ALLOCATABLE components of derived types

On Sep 27, 2005, at 3:07 PM, Erik Edelmann wrote: wrote:
Your patch implements only a small part of what's needed for TR 15581's
semantics for derived type components..

Damn. It seems to be more work than I had thought.

From my "outside" viewpoint of not being a compiler developer, I'd say that getting the TR completely implemented and working seems to be quite a bit of work (and I think more than most people anticipated). I base this largely on the observation that the frequency of compiler bugs relating to the TR has been pretty high, and that's over several compilers, not just a problem one or two. It is a really nice set of features from my user perspective, but I caution against taking it cavalierly. If you manage to get it out without at least one round of bug feedback from "real outside users" (i.e. folk outside of the development team) trying it on real applications, I'll be very impressed. That would be better than most of the commercial vendors have done.

Richard Maine                |  Good judgment comes from experience;       |  experience comes from bad judgment.
                            |        -- Mark Twain

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