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Re: [C++ BUG] Fix 23513

Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> This patch fixes 23513, a template specialization ordering problem.  I'd
> like Mark and Jason's thoughts before committing, as I can find no words
> in the std or DR214 to justify the behaviour this implements.
> It would seem sensible to allow some kind of ordering between a
> non-static member function and a non-member function, when both are
> found during name lookup for an operator.  I have determined that the
> EDG3.6 compiler behaves as if the first argument is ignored in this
> circumstance -- I've asked on the core list, but received no responses.

I think your patch makes sense.

I agree that this is underspecified, and that the other obvious
alternative is to consider non-static member functions to have a first
argument of type "cv-qualified T&", with "T" the class of which they are
a member.  If the call is valid at all, that's going to be a very
favorable conversion; an exact match, or, at most, a derived-to-base
conversion.  Ignoring that possibility means that we might decide things
are ambiguous when we might otherwise decide things.  But, I don't think
that we'd pick one case where ignoring the first argument (as per your
patch) means we'd pick the other.  So, in some sense, your patch is
conservative: if the committee decides at some point to include the
first argument, strictly more programs will compile, and all programs
that compiled before will still have the same meaning.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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