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Re: [patch] Fix pr23046

On Sep 18, 2005, at 11:12 PM, Roger Sayle wrote:

My role has purely been to fix/avoid the numerous bugs caused by the
lack of a model (semantics) for partial-mode integral types. Despite
repeated claims to the contrary, the middle-end currently doesn't handle
these bitfield types well (as demonstrated by the numerous PRs), so the
less than ideal "cop-out" has been to avoid generating them in the
front-ends. It should be easy enough to demonstrate these problems by
reverting the "cop-out" patch to the C++ front-end, to re-expose the
latent bugs, such as PR16372.

But from the look at it PR16372 is another case where build_range_check goes fucked and maybe should be removed.

I can name about four bug reports about build_range_check which cause problems
on the mainline.
Still opened ones:
PR 22429 - depends on signed wrapping which is not true
PR 23518 - one which is wrong with -fwrapv

Fixed ones:
PR 22398
PR 23369

There might be others but I cannot find then currently.

Andrew Pinski

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