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[Patch, testsuite] PR19181 - new test

PRs 19181 and 21300 have fixed themselves. The enclosed test exercises the original bug.

Regtested on FC3/Athlon1700.

OK for mainline and 4.03, when open?

Paul T

2005-09-18 Paul Thomas <>

   PR fortran/19181
   * gfortran.dg/derived_pointer_null_1.f90: New test.

! { dg-do compile } ! ! Test of fix (patch unknown) for pr19181 and pr21300. This test is based ! on the example given in 21300. Note that this can be executed. ! ! Contributed by Paul Thomas <> ! TYPE ast_obs real, DIMENSION(:), POINTER :: geopos END TYPE ast_obs

 TYPE(ast_obs), PARAMETER    :: undefined_ast_obs = AST_OBS(NULL())
 type(ast_obs)               :: my_ast_obs
 real, target, dimension(10) :: rt

 my_ast_obs%geopos => rt
 if (.not.associated (my_ast_obs%geopos)) call abort ()

 call get_null_ast_obs (my_ast_obs)
 if (associated (my_ast_obs%geopos)) call abort ()


 SUBROUTINE get_null_ast_obs (obs1)
   TYPE(ast_obs)  :: obs1
   obs1 = undefined_ast_obs
 END SUBROUTINE get_null_ast_obs


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