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Re: [PATCH] 4.0 fix for libstdc++/23871

Janis Johnson wrote:

>>I would suggest simply adding the testcases that originally went in
>>together with those bits of the patch. In other terms,
>>testsuite/27_io/basic_ostream/inserters_arithmetic/char/ and
>>(actually the bits for long and long long should pass already, please
>>double check).
>Both of those tests already pass with the 4.0 branch, but the new test
>fails without the patch and passes with it.
Janis, this is impossible, sorry. Please check again, carefully: of
course I added those tests to mainline exactly to test those bits and if
you care to look closely to the patch and to the test, you will notice
that the logic error in the code is precisely tested by the testcase. If
you find a flaw in the test, please tell me ASAP! Only the bits for long
and long long are already ok, if you want you can remove the second half
of, but the first part is certainly ok as-is (just checked again,


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