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Re: [CFT] re-organize var-tracking frame_base

> As for dwarf2 debugging, this is controlled by DWARF2_DEBUGGING_INFO,
> which ought not be set by anything in the hppa32 tm chain.
> r~

Well, the hppa32 build failure I am seeing with the new patch is simply
due to ASM_PREFERRED_EH_DATA_FORMAT being defined in config/pa/pa.h (via
your patch) and in config/pa/som.h so I will comment out the one in
som.h and hopefully that will fix the pa32 build.  FYI:  The two
definitions are not identical.

I am not having much luck with why a simple (empty) C++ program dies on
hppa64 using the latest patch.  It appears to be dying before I get to
main and I can make the program work by adding '-static' to the test
case.  Trying to use the HP gdb, it tells me I am not in any function
and it cannot give me a backtrace so that doesn't help much.  If I use a
libstdc++ from before the original change the test case also works.
What is an empty C++ program calling from libstdc++ that could be
causing it to abort?

Steve Ellcey

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