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[Ada] Improve error message handling

Tested on i686-linux, committed on HEAD

This patch adds a convenient feature to errout, allowing easy handling
of the case where the same error message is sometimes fatal and
sometimes a warning, based on a run-time test. Using < instead of
? allows a separate global variable Error_Msg_Warn to control
whether the message is a warning. This avoids the need to duplicate
the error text (once with, once without the ?)

No test is needed, since this is just an internal clean up in the
compiler code which does not affect the functional behavior of the

2005-09-01  Robert Dewar  <>

	*, errout.adb (Fix Error_Msg_F): Fix implementation to meet
	Implement new insertion char < (conditional warning)
	* errutil.adb, erroutc.adb: Implement new insertion char <
	(conditional warning).
	* sem_elab.adb, prj-dect.adb,,
	(Error_Msg_Warn): New variable for < insertion char.
	* prj-nmsc.adb: Implement new errout insertion char < (conditional
	(Check_For_Source): Change value of Source_Id only after the current
	source has been dealt with.

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