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Re: long pending patch for tree-profiling-branch

Daniel Berlin <> wrote on 24/07/2005 19:33:10:

> >       * tree-vect-analyze.c: (ipa-prop.h): New include file.
> >       (vect_base_addr_differ_p): User ipaa interface to
> >       disambiguate formals.
> You really shouldn't be doing that there.
> I assume you are only doing it because may_alias_p isn't doing what it
> should?

Actually yes. I did it to show that ipaa info is kept and can be used.
If there was oracle (may_alias_p, or any one else) into which this
info can be integrated, I would use it. But for now such oracle does
not exist and when it does I will gladly remove this code.

By the way, for now the vectorizer does not use may_alias_p
(the latest code in autovect branch). It actually use type_mem_tag and
is_aliased_with function in which may_aliases field is used.
Do you think it will stay so, and ipaa info will be
incorporated in may_aliases/type_mem_tag, or alternatively, it will
be oracle like may_alias_p that will be called directly by vectorizer?

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