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Re:RE:[PATCH]: New Port ( MAXQ)

+These @samp{-m} options are defined for the SH implementations:

Obvious typo, you don't mean SH.

- Could you go through and check that all comments etc. are wrapped to 80 columns? It looks like you've wrapped to about 100.

- Likewise, there are some spacing issues:

needs spaces after the commas, here and in many other places

+ (((REGNO(X) == BP_REGNO ||(REGNO(X) == ARG_REG)) \
+ || (REGNO(X) != BP_REGNO && REGNO(X) != ARG_REG \
this should be written as
+ (((REGNO (X) == BP_REGNO || (REGNO(X) == ARG_REG)) \
+ || (REGNO (X) != BP_REGNO && REGNO (X) != ARG_REG \
space before '(', the '&&' should line up with the 'R' in 'REGNO', and the '\' continuation markers line up; these need to be fixed here and in many other places. (In this particular case, you might also consider removing the redundant parentheses after the '||' the first line.)

+ return GET_CODE (op) == CONST
+ || GET_CODE (op) == SYMBOL_REF || GET_CODE (op) == LABEL_REF;
This should be written with parentheses, like this:
+ return (GET_CODE (op) == CONST
+ || GET_CODE (op) == SYMBOL_REF || GET_CODE (op) == LABEL_REF);
again, note that the '||' lines up one space after the '('.

+  return    (((mode) == BLKmode)
+         || ((type) != 0
the whitespace on the first line is wrong

+ if (TARGET_MAXQ20) + emit_insn (gen_cmphi_1 (x, y)); The second line should be indented only 4 spaces.

+(define_constants [
+(LC0_REG 15)
the constants should be indented at least one space

Could you re-post your port once all the indenting, wrapping and spacing issues are fixed?

(When you do, it's not necessary to take a patch, put it into a .tar file, and compress the result. Just compress the patch.)


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