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Re: Ping*3: [RFA:] java/ (target_libs): Just set to target-libjava target-zlib

>>>>> "Hans-Peter" == Hans-Peter Nilsson <> writes:

>> > <URL:>
>> (Almost) two more weeks, time for another ping.

Hans-Peter> Another week, yet another ping.

Sorry this went unreviewed for so long.  I didn't really fully follow
this sentence from your original note:

    I want to be able to build target-libffi and target-boehm-gc
    without the lack of target-libjava support (including in
    noconfigdirs per-target) deciding for me that I can't build

... but I guess you mean that you want to build libffi even though you
don't want to build gcj and libgcj.

My understanding is that the target_libs variable in
java/ just controls what libraries should be built when
the 'java' language is enabled.

On that basis I think the current setting in that file is correct.
All existing gcj ports really do require libffi (sort of anyway;
libgcj limps along if it is disabled) and boehm-gc.

Wouldn't a better fix be to change the top-level configury so that it
doesn't disable the libraries you want even when libjava happens to be
disabled?  Or is this the only route to do this?  I confess that some
of this looks redundant to me (given the dependencies in Makefile.def)
and that I haven't really tracked through this part of the build in a
long, long time.


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